Article in the Nouvelle Vague
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” SAVE ME ” . . . the title which opens the album of the same name – is a stunning blues number. . stunning rhythmically but especially so in the depth of voice of the singer, JASPA. A Tina Turner voice – warm and powerful which interweaves perfectly with the electric guitar of Philippe . Contagious rock , which the more one listens to the more one wants to join in and become part of a combined experience ! A touch Gospel , on ‘ Better Side of You ‘ Jaspa plays her voice with subtle inflections … she is a Sound – very rock with words that grab you . . but above all she is a voice . .and what a voice !  ‘Will I see you again’ entices the ear with a languorous and sensual undercurrent . . ‘Sleep my baby’ darker and metallic is a melancholy ballad strained through a synthesizer.  The arrangements are subtle and melodious . . a quiet rush of wonder for the ears ! . . . and above all THIS VOICE ! . . which gives so much pleasure from each of the twelve pieces on the album. . and to finish perfectly are the songs ‘Rage ‘ ( very hard core . . ) and ” Save Me ” again – but this time acoustic.
An absolutely irresistible CD . . 
Justine Sirkis

Article in La Strada N° 101
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Save Me
A remarkably composed album, eagerly awaited by a growing fan base !
The sound is uncut Rock with shards of blues and folk in which the voice of Jaspa excels (she’s from London)… 
The musicians, experienced rockers (Phillipe Besson : guitar, Franck Abou : bass + voice,  Didier Porte : drums + voice) are fabulous.
The Album starts with “Save Me” a daringly arousing Hit (we find it again at the end of the album in a very different and moving acoustic version)…then a rock ‘anthem’ “Wise to your Lies “, follows a ballad “Will I see you again” . . then (west coast style) “Don’t Walk Away”. . which is completely charming.
To be noted.. throughout the album, the deep, enveloping rock sound of ‘Papa’ Besson’s guitar) I am completely seduced by their dozen original songs . 
If you like Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane or Tina Turner, you will be thrilled !

Article published on RYM
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It’s always when you think that rock music has finished exploring every possibility that it still manages to surprise us.
A good French rock album, even though in English, is not to be missed – but what we have here is an excellent rock album with some surprising gothic touches.
Only 2 songs without special interest: N°s: 3 & 8. 
Which leaves 9 songs (10 if we include the acoustic version of Save Me) which are perfect to re-visit many times. Mostly down tempo Rock, sometimes even slow, with two almost commercial pop songs (7 and 9) both very good! 
The best song on the album is No: 11.  Rage, with its, very strong superlative guitar riff. The difference between a good rock album and a very good rock album is the extra something special which makes it different from the rest. 
The big plus here is the superb voice of Jaspa Saire, she truly transcends the vocals -touching an extra dimension, close vocally to Patricia Kaas (don’t laugh its’ a compliment!) achieving what Kaas could have done had she embraced Rock.
If you like French Rock and lovely female vocals, go for it!

Article published on the site eyes-of-music
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If, like me, you fancy American cuisine and music,you should go to the TEXAS TRUCK in Villeneuve-Loubet (on the RN7).
I know we are not here to discuss food ,but the surroundings (American cars, flags and cow boy boots) and the food are amazing.You get the impression you are in the heart of Texas.The only drawback is that cheques are not accepted. (cash or credit cards are )
Let’s get back to the music. The TEXAS TRUCK is a mythical place where the local bikers get together to listen to pop/rock and blues bands. Saturday 9th of June brought me back to my roots!
That night JASPA pulled”all the strings” and unveiled their full repertoire. The band : a guitarist, a bass player, a drummer and a singer play great pop/ rock music.
They started off with standards and moved on to the harder stuff as the night progressed. They began with songs from the fifties (Otis Redding , Chuck Berry)then some rock,rhythm and blues (Rolling Stones, U2, Van Halen) The intro of “you really got me”, close to the famous “Eruption” really impressed the audience. All of that intermingled with their own songs.They were really rocking now …. During the interval, a strip tease artist performed for the titillation of the audience. After that JASPA came back full steam ahead. We got the feeling that nothing could stop them.
The musicians are very gifted: they have obviously been playing for a long time, such is the talent and ease that can only been acquired with experience and time. It is such a treat to hear “let’s spend the night together” performed by a magnificent singer whose voice is powerful when required and beautifully soft on slower beats. If you like pop/ rock and music in general, keep an eye out for the posters along the Cote d’Azur. JASPA are there to satisfy your eyes and ears.
In any case, go to the TEXAS TRUCK, where ,any weekend, you can enjoy a live band and a good hamburger.
Nico ” thrash”